Luis Diaz Showreel: Brilliant Premier League debut against Leicester

Presented by Quorn, watch the best from Luis Diaz’s first start, in the 2-0 victory over Leicester City at Anfield.

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31 opiniones en “Luis Diaz Showreel: Brilliant Premier League debut against Leicester”

  1. Luis Diaz is a great player. Yesterday he scored his first goal for Liverpool. One immediately remembers both Lucho's goal against Argentina (goal where he completely took out the defender) and the scissors goal against Brazil. Both goals, and yesterday's, along with other great plays, show the technique and talent of this player. I hope his career continues to rise!

  2. You gotta admire Luis Diaz's work ethic. I've never seen Rashford or Sancho slide tackle for the ball. Mind you not because the manager asked, but because he had a hunger & desire to win the game. Diaz will be key to future successes very soon??

  3. What was brilliant about this performance? ? he played hard yes, but you expect that from someone making a debut. Missed opportunity after missed opportunities, bad passes, bad touches, just worked hard that’s it.

  4. Es un honor y una alegría enorme ver sangre latina en mi amado liverpool venga Díaz rompela
    Saludos desde México
    El liverpool nunca caminara solo ???

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