No help from Tudor’s boys. Fair play to this resilient Milan team.

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27 opiniones en “THE COUSINS KEEP MARCHING ON… | Hellas Verona 1 – 3 AC Milan: MATCH REACTION”

  1. Oh bwoy it’s going down to the wire! Atalanta will be the game that decides everything. Milan will drop points and it’s up to us to not drop any. I say 84 points will win the title. Forza Inter!

  2. Can't agree more to the fact that every time we hype players to deliver against Milan they all bottle. Let's not say any word on Atalanta's players. Maybe they do a Sampdoria to us, maybe not. Milan had a difficult run the last 5, but they have already won 3. Tonali vs Lazio 93', Leao 1-0 vs Fiore, yesterday Leao assisting Tonali 2X. They have carried Milan and they are young. This thing will go to the final day hopefully. Im not gonna say ANY WORD on our Interisti frontline @Sassuolo. You know them 2 players 😀

  3. Atalanta and Sassuolo are both in a joke form. Would not be suprised if Milan crashes them with 3+ goals each.. As for Inter, we are experiencing Inzaghi game — tons of chance created, low conversion and always concede.. Probably Supercoppa will be the only 'trophy' for Inter…

  4. I still have a little light in my heart that still believes, but I cant really be mad if milan wins, we got demolished in the summer and could still win 2 trophies, 3 if god is real

  5. Its sad that we are not gonna win the scudetto this season but we did it ourselves. We have the best defense and attack in the league but we somehow manage to choke it to a team that has the 5th best attack in the league. All because we were inconsistent and didnt got a derby win. This year in the Serie A your not the best your the least worst. Lets focus on the Coppa final really want to win that trophy because its a long time ago. Forza Inter🖤💙

  6. If they win it the players and Pioli deserve it, with this I have no issues. HOWEVER, these Milanisti that have been complaining all season long about anyone who is close to them do not deserve a thing. Claiming that the refs favour every other team and turning a blind eye to any decision that wrongfully goes their way. That's what is annoying me man. Anyway, not over yet just gotta keep winning our games and pray. FORZA 🖤💙

  7. Not gonna surprise if Cagliari beat us 😭

    Sassuolo is garbage now, their mind already is on vacation .. and Atalanta just crumble right now ..

    Small chance, just try keep it until the last day and i will be satisfied for this season after all what happen in the summer and how this season goes ..

  8. Great content as usual Sharms. We’ll bring back the Scudetto next season. Congratulations to the Milano cousins. Milano is still Blue thoo, we won’t the last fight 😎

  9. Yeah tbh I lost most of my hope in the title after that horrible loss against bologna. We gifted milan the title by not taking advantage of our game in hand and not winning our matches overall.

  10. Some Inter fans trash talked us the past days that Verona will crush us, so yea, our respond. Inter vs Cagliari, a huge game for both sides. Same for Milan vs Atalanta. What an exciting season this is. May the best win 🤝

    Edit: Please beat Cagliari, no one needs them in Serie a. Racist fanbase, poor football and in general don't deserve Serie a.. 😂

  11. We are to blame ourselves for losing the title. Although I would of like to win it, we had chances and we didn't take them. The season is over , time to move on from this season.
    Atalanta and Sassuolo are garbage. I didn't expect anything from Verona either way. If we somehow win the title, we won it but we didnt deserve it .
    Also having the best attack doesn't give a good indication of how good a team performed . A few years ago , Atalanta had the highest goal scored and they never won the title because their defense wasn't up to par

  12. I think u right I don't see milan losing especially how atalanta and sassuolo are playing anything can happen but always forza inter no matter what happen they are are fighting and deserve our love and respect

  13. Our Bologna game was the deciding one for the Scudetto. Milan is just too good this season. Atalanta and Sassuolo are dusted. It's over.
    Let's just hope that we can win Coppa

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