Man City or Liverpool… Who will win the 2021/22 Premier League title? ?

The Super Sunday panel discusses Liverpool and Manchester City’s final games as the race for the Premier League title goes down to the final week!

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46 opiniones en “Man City or Liverpool… Who will win the 2021/22 Premier League title? ?”

  1. We need fate to play a hand here. If City slip up, the Title is ours. We have to be prepared for any slip ups by them in order to win this Title.

  2. Liverpool 99 %…Why ? Because was so lucky ev games…carrabo cup….FA cup….champions league draw….Mahrez miss penalty with West Ham…City vs Real…ev normal person see what happent there…Looks like Liverpool gonne win ev thing this season…Sometimes you need luck …ev normal person who love sports…they know…in some moments…you need luck…! Liverpool…they have….City ,this season….zero luck…! Last season…Chelsea was better in the champions league final…This season…City deserve to be in the final…Federer vs Nole Djokovic…many finals….on Ace….Federer win G Slam…! Yes,Liverpool faith ev game like crazy…they deserve respect…they deserve to be in C league final….that s for sure..! Premier league….was just city fault because…they lost many many points …with Spurs…6 points…4 points with Souhmpton…5 points with C Palace…and Sunday…Mahrez miss the penalty…min 86…! You hate ot not…City deserve the premier league…but…i thing on Sunday …City gonne have problem with Aston Villa ! City not good when they have to play important games….See City vs Real…City vs Spurs champions league…City vs Lyon…City vs West ham…sunday…!

  3. I love it how the Managers are photographed wearing footwear in line with their shirt Spinsors. Pep is wearing Puma, Having said that aren’t Liverpool sponsored by Nike, then why is Klopp wearing Adidas?

  4. As a Liverpool fan I think city have it in the bag they will have there best players on form and rested , I feel like city and Liverpool will win the last game.

  5. All Liverpool fans have only one thing on our minds…its a privilege to be a Red ❤️. We are witnessing one of the greatest football team in the history of the game. These lads are on brink of something incredible. We believe we will make it beyond the winning line ahead of city and madrid cuz we have Jurgen ✊️

  6. Anyone get irritated that it seems Micah Richards has been asked to back up Man City at every occasion, even when he doesn't really believe what he's saying? Like, City drops 2 points, and he just steams ahead with 'It's great… I fully expect Man City to still win the league'. Like, how about a bit of nuance, like 'It's disappointing to almost lose against a team we'd expect to beat, but we're still in a good position'. I'd just prefer to hear his genuine opinion.

  7. Only in England league titles are valued higher than the UCL. Pep and Klopp are Europeans, they know that the prestige of the UCL title cannot be topped in Europe. It means you are the team who had to beat the European top clubs to win and not Southhampton or Crystal Palace.

  8. If City win, probably, it was the Tottenham draw which will cost LV the title. Yeah Son and Kane, and Kulusevski, are top on the counter, but LV were too overprotective. Having to win all the games to give themselves a chance, they shoud have taken the risk

  9. If city don’t win the league will it be the biggest capitulation in PL history given the position they were in at the halfway point? I fully expect them to beat Villa btw

  10. Poor Gerrard. If Villa lose then some Liverpool fans will say its because Gerrard slipped we lost. Leave that man out. I think those 2 draws with Spurs (esp. last one at home) already did the damage. Good luck to both teams. Amazing effort from both the teams so far. Can't wait for ROUND38 of a fantastic season.

  11. Just refilled my Xanax script, the mini bar and topped up the weed tin in preparation for the final hurdle. City fan for 53 years, well versed on how this goes, expecting more trauma further eroding my central nervous system.

  12. I m not guessing league Cup is going to Man City ,if City are beaten liverpool will either draw with Wolves or beaten ,if Liverpool wins on Wolves that means City will win as well so nothing is going to change Citizens are winners .u like it or not

  13. We all know man city will win it but we can hoppe and just win against wolves in the same time we hope that city slipes and we end up winning it but tbh we are the tru champs we came back from 14 points and gave them a proper fight

  14. Souness is wrong – most of the people at the club aren't British. Klopp, Salah, and the rest know they'll be remembered more for winning a second CL title even than winning the quad.

  15. I was content with coming second in the PL and hopefully winning the UCL. But now it comes down to the last game of the season, with both teams playing at home? Now I want the PL more. Mostly because winning in 2020 had a slightly hollow feeling with the empty stadiums. Lifting the PL trophy in front of a packed Anfield. There would be nothing like it.

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